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Access TEL: 03-3258-3939 English available Telephone Reservation Recommended


Treatment Course & Price

Sport's Massage    3,000Yen/30minutes     6,000Yen/60minutes     9,000Yen/90minutes
                    12,000Yen/120minutes  15,000Yen/150minutes  18,000Yen/180minutes

  ・Sport's Aroma Massage
                               4,000Yen/30minutes      8,000Yen/60minutes   12,000Yen/90minutes

                    16,000Yen/120minutes   20,000Yen/150minutes  24,000Yen/180minutes

 Medical Massage     3,000Yen/30minutes     6,000Yen/60minutes     9,000Yen/90minutes
                   12,000Yen/120minutes    15,000Yen/150minutes  18,000Yen/180minutes

AcupunctureMoxibustion Treatment        
                                3,000Yen/30minutes     6,000Yen/60minutes    9,000Yen/90minutes

                    12,000Yen/120minutes  15,000Yen/150minutes  18,000Yen/180minutes


Toukaikanda-blg.5F, 3-15-10, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0047  JAPAN

  Only one minute from the west gate of Kanda Station, just next to Tokyo Station

 (JR Yamanote Line, Chuou Line, KeihinTouhoku Line, Subway Ginza Line available )

  Going out of the west exit of JR,  you can see the shopping district 's gate like arcade just      ahead.

  Turning to the right at the first crossroads after through the gate, please go about 40m along

   the left side of the road, passing a crossroads.

     You can't miss the Greek egean signboard placed at the entrance of the building.   

  Please see the following map.



Office Hours

Monday to Friday                :  AM 11:00-PM10:00 (last reception PM8:30)

Saturday&National Holiday    : AM 11:00-PM9:00 (last reception PM6:30)

Sunday                             :  Closed


Profile   Y. MATSUMOTO

  After graduating from Tokyo University, he was engaged in the R&D of pharmaceuticals

  in the big food company including the study abroad in Germany.

  Recognizing the limits of western medicine, especially on the diseases deeply connected to

  nerve or spirit,  he entered the Toyoshinkyu college, the top one in Japan on the area of     oriental

  medicine such as massage, acupuncture, moxibustion.  

  Piling up the medical study and technology learning during 3 years, he graduated from the college

  and simultaneously have obtained national qualification through the national examination,

     continuing the treatment in the actual clinical place until now.